About Us

Abdulrahman Harraz was born in 1920. He learned from his father the ethics of  trading in agriculture seeds business. Abdulrahman Harraz developed himself further and studied the science of herbal remedies and specialized in this field.

In 1939 he founded his own company bearing his name (Agricultural Seeds, Spices and Medicinal Plant Society - Abdul Rahman Mohammed Harraz). His main profession was trading with herbs and prescriptions for patients. He has also excelled and distinguished himself in this field,
Through a series of researches and studies, which he created, he became known and  helped to revive the knowledge of herbal medicine in Egypt. He encouraged interested people and helped them.

Within the framework of the development of science and the modern tendency to return to nature and herbal medicine, the company always used the latest scientific knowledge to develop itself and its products according to international standards.